Anime Fighting Poses for Reference and Tutorial

15 Anime Fighting Poses For Reference

How Do I Draw Fighting Scenes?

Using A Reference Can Help You Draw New And Complicated Poses.

 For anime addicts, fight scenes are, to be honest, the most awaited part of an anime action or adventure film or series because this is where the characters showcase their strengths and true powers. For an artist and anime fan at the same time, drawing that which you love most is truly satisfying. For anime drawing ideas, I have listed down 15 anime fighting poses that you can use as drawing references. No matter what art supplies are available in your home or with you right now, I am sure that these references can help you draw your masterpieces.

Maximize your Pencil Drawing with Strokes and Shades

Shading makes EMPHASIS. Who would have imagined that this almost realistic drawing can be achieved by just using a pencil? As you can see here in this reference, the artist used various shading and strokes to emphasize the movement of an anime character (Hatake Kakashi). The different strokes that the artist used allowed the drawing to have various effects. If I didn’t know, I would have even thought that this came out from a comic book or manga. 

If you would like to use this photo as your reference, I suggest you use more lines in your drawing to show the intense movements of the character. Just a piece of advice, there are different shading and stroke techniques that you can use to give your drawings some visual textures. You can put extra force while holding on to the pencil when you shade your artwork to achieve a darker shade and a lighter force for a lighter shade.

Comparing Your Drawing from Your Draft

Drafts are the ladder to a successful drawing. It’s somehow a good thing to compare your finished drawing from your draft, every now and then. In this case, the artist incorporated his or her draft into the finished drawing. It somehow gives people an idea of how much can be achieved from a simple sketch or draft.

This is a good practice to make if you’re only beginning to furnish your skills as an artist. Incorporating your sketch or draft into your envisioned drawing will allow you to easily draw the face, hair, eyes and other details. I suggest that you also choose a colour that makes your drawing lively just like the artist does in this drawing.

Free Flow and Visual Effects

There’s a whole lot of articles that you can add to your drawings, with the right imagination. Effects are important. The artist really knew how to play with drawing effects. It’s really an effective move for the artist to use lively colours and I love how the artist used fine lines to create textures and contrast on the subject’s trousers. Just like how the artist drew the air effect when the character threw a kick. Also, the artist emphasized the waving movements of the hair and the lace to add an impression that the girl in the drawing has about to cast an attack. 

If you use this as a reference I highly suggest that you focus on how the effects are being put on so that you can achieve an illusion of a moving subject even if it is just literally a drawing.

Anime Fighting Poses for Reference and Tutorial
Anime Fighting Poses for Reference and Tutorial
Anime Fighting Poses for Reference and Tutorial
Anime Fighting Poses for Reference and Tutorial
Image by Kseniya Lapteva
Anime Fighting Poses for Reference and Tutorial

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Anime Fighting Poses for Reference and Tutorial

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