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Why Choose A Full Body Reference?

A Full Body Pose Can Show You Details You May Not Usually See.

The good thing about using a full-body drawing as a reference is that the idea is already there and you won’t have a hard time going into more details. Although you can generally imagine most shapes or curves, when it comes to details and intricate lines, you would still need references for that. Using a full-body drawing reference will give you more advantages. Just like if you use the photos above as a reference, you will only need to change a few things such as the colour of clothes or accessories and hair, or whichever you prefer. 

Chic & ELegant

This drawing idea has a classy look and gives off the impression of a well-off female teenager who’s out to have some fun or on a shopping spree. The black and white combination on the clothes really creates an equilibrium in the entire reference, and the rose pattern on the hem of her dress just adds more flavour to her clothes while her shoes complement her fashion style. Remember, if you want to use this photo as an inspiration, you can also use other colour combinations to give it a more festive and lively tone but it’s best to not stray too far from the reference as the personality she gives off could be affected if you try bold colour combinations. But who knows, right?

Cool Punk

For this inspiration, you can see that the style of the drawing reflects that of a cool yet stylish youth. Plus the choice of accessories (choker) really suits the personality of the drawing. Makes me want to think whether she’s a punk or what. It’s not hard to draw something like this because this kind of style is now very trendy and timely. Oversized shirt or sweatshirt, fitted shorts or skirts and your typical accessories.

Whenever I draw something out of a reference, I always think of ways on how I could make it somehow original. You can try adding some accessories like shiny bling or change a few things like her hair or her shoes (you can try changing her shoes into sneakers. It will still look good on her). Make sure it doesn’t contradict her style.

Sweet & Simple

This girl resembles more the style of a demure and reserved elegant chick. See how her pose gives off a conservative vibe? Her jump skirt definitely goes well with her pink socks with ruffles and bag. And the colours aren't contradicting too. I wonder if the artist of the drawing loves black?

    I bet adding some cute eyeglasses and putting on a rabbit headband would also look good on her.  

We now live in a modern world where crop tops and skorts are highly-fashionable. Or boots and high-cut sneakers are paired with skirts and elegant blouses. From modesty, we have now come to a more unbound sense of fashion.

chic and elegant anime girl for drawing full body pose
pastel pink anime girl aesthetic full body pose
gray hair anime girl full body pose with cool punk outfit
Image by Kseniya Lapteva

Some Thoughts To Note

Artists always put their heart and soul to whatever things they do. There will be times when you’ll find drawing hard because you’re out of inspiration or you run out of ideas.

Sometimes, you’re even left in a situation where you just cry or exhaust yourself from frustration because you somehow can’t achieve what you desire. It’s OK. Artists are emotional beings. And their artworks are a big part of their lives.

If you encounter a situation where you are either stuck or you feel helpless, depending on different sources (or references) can help you spark your passion again. Use art to express your emotions. Allow your feelings to flow and let your pen (or pencils) do their job. 

For other references, you can check out this link to get inspiration.

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