25 Cute Phone Wallpapers You Are Sure To Love

I Dare You To Not Change Your Wallpaper!

Here are 25 Amazing Wallpapers For Your Phone With A Cute And Anime Aesthetic!

Sometimes wallpapers can really tell something about ourselves and people can even assume your personality when they see your lock screen. According to Amanda Mcarthur, wallpapers can also match your personality. That also means that the wallpaper you’ve been using for quite some time now can have people assume what your personality is. Also, don’t you think that seeing your old wallpaper can be quite boring to see now that you’ve repeatedly seen it for a lot of time?

Take this as a sign and consider these wallpapers that I’ll be showing and there might be some that you’ll definitely love.


Japanese torii gates art wallpaper, we can often see shrines on the Anime that we watch or the Japanese movies that you might’ve encountered once in your life and before the characters enter the Shinto shrines, they will first be going through these gates. However, if you’ve seen these gates personally, these gates are one of the most impressive and memorable sights that you can see in Japan. If you’re one of the people who have been missing or wanting to visit these sacred places, this is also a sign for you to save this wallpaper and use it as your phone background now. However, please still remember that Shinto shrines and torii gates are a sacred and a holy place of worship and it’s not only just for aesthetics.


Crocodile cartoon wallpaper, this wallpaper might just make you smile with the adorable features and expressions of how the crocodiles were drawn in this pic. If you’re into cute cartoons and personally love crocodiles, maybe this wallpaper is just for you. What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate and save this picture and use it as your wallpaper now.

Sweet & Simple

This is an abstract cartoon wallpaper, those shapes that have different sizes and colors might just tell something about yourself. Having these types of wallpaper can also reveal your creative and artsy personality and you will also have your own interpretations of this wallpaper. Take this as a sign and use this wallpaper and along with that is setting blue as your theme in your phone.

__rt_ on Twitter.jpg
Krazy Gurl.png
Image by Kseniya Lapteva

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