Cute animals drawing ideas simple for beginners

You Will Love These 8 Cute Animal Drawing Ideas

How Do I Draw Cute Animals?

To Draw Cute Animals You Want To Start Simple. Take These Drawings Tips And Try Them Out Yourself!

Each of us probably have a different view or thoughts when we see a drawing that really caught our attention, the only similar thing you’ll probably have in mind is: “How can I draw the way the artist drew this?”. 

But, guess what? There’s another way for you to improve your skills and that’s exploring different art styles, as well as drawing things that are not always considered as ‘cute’ by the majority can improve your art skills. According to Zulma Cary from Earth & World, one of the most voted as the ‘ugliest’ endangered animal is the Blobfish. But, the amazing thing is you can change the people’s mind when you draw them in your art style. Remember, if you want to improve your art skills, the first thing that you need to do is to get out of your comfort zone.

Cute animals drawing ideas simple for beginners

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Castle In The SKy

Full Movie Anime Movie Review

 A Miyazaki Film, Produced by Ghibli (their first ever!), and Distributed by Toei, Laputa: Castle in the Sky rose to huge success as a timeless adventure fantasy film that is still great to watch today. 

Back in the 80's an anime selling 15 Million in Box Office was unheard of, and this particular Anime has influenced Japanese pop culture themes for many decades since it's release. Castle in the Sky remains a fan favorite and a cult classic today.


Fun Fact: Walt Disney Pictures created the first English dub and presented sound and music score changes to make it more suitable for American audiences.

Violet Evergarden

Is it worth watching?
(Espanol & English)

A war writer with metal hands copes with mental instability in a post war haze. No seriously. This  Anime has a beautifully composed soundtrack, crisp and attractive art, a unique plot and 110% emotion.

It's a story of a girl who was raised from a baby as a soldier whose only purpose was to kill. She gets her arms blown off and fitted with metal prosthetics, and a robot plays back her father figure / Majors final words "I love you".

It's a bit messed up to be honest. This is definitely an Anime that will mess with your heart and mind in the best ways. It's a mini series that's easy to binge watch, so have a go at it, ne?

toilet Bound Hanako-Kun

Anime Review

Hanako Kun is a story of a girl who gets turned into a fish and then wants her body back.
Seriously, we are going to get it right this time.
Urban legends are real in this Anime, and there are 7 spirits whom the story revolves around.

After getting into a contract with Hanako, our main character uses her good hearted nature to realize her purpose in life is to guide the bad spirits into the afterlife once Hanako has defeated them in battle.

This is a cute and funny Action / Love Story / Comedy that I would recommend to anyone! 

Cute animals drawing ideas simple for beginners
Cute animals drawing ideas simple for beginners
Cute animals drawing ideas simple for beginners

Draw New Things To Improve!

Why get out of your comfort zone?

This is because you are giving yourself the opportunity to grow and learn about what kind of art style that you think that you have fun the most. Plus, it also boosts your creativity because you’re getting challenged. So, that’s why drawing animals that are not always considered cute can improve your art skills. Maybe, the following 8 cute animal drawings I will be talking about will help you to get started!

Cute animals drawing ideas simple for beginners
Image by Kseniya Lapteva
Cute animals drawing ideas simple for beginners

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Cute animals drawing ideas simple for beginners

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