Best Art Supplies for Drawing and Painting

9 Arts Supplies You Have to Have Right Now

Recommending 9 art brands to level up your art portfolio

Whether for you or a gift for an art lover, these brands are the top of the line and a must have!

For artists, having the right equipment is essential to create magnificent pieces. Art is not limited to just drawing and can go from a simple sketch to complex paintings. Most drawing ideas are brought to life by the kind of art supplies an artist uses.

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Best Art Supplies for Drawing and Painting

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Best Art Supplies for Drawing and Painting


One Of The All Time Classics

"The characters are what make Inuyasha a masterpiece. I've never seen such realistic characters (even demons), their emotions are so vivid that you'll become emotionally immersed in them. Takahashi's gags, as always, are hilarious and serve to lighten the mood from time to time. The action is continuous, but if watched only for the sake of continuance, it might come off as a "monster of the week" type of show without substance."

Best Art Supplies for Drawing and Painting

Yu Yu Hakusho

Is It Really Worth Watching?

"Yusuke undergoes some crucial moments to unlock even more power and the writers keep you on the edge of your seat the entire show. What the writers did really was was tie Yusuke's emotions to his power level curve, and show that as he progresses as a Character mentally, he displays this physically as well. One of the biggest strengths of Yu Yu Hakusho as an anime is the Characters. You see so many raw human emotions like frustration about not being strong enough that almost break fourth wall. It's honestly great."

Best Art Supplies for Drawing and Painting

Demon SLayer

Part Of The New "Big Three?"

Aside from the anime's general excellence, I came here to discuss its simply stunning art style. In the current generation of anime, 3D animation has dominated the market. As a result, this is a welcome change of pace for me. Because of its unique characters, fast action, and breathtaking scenery, this is a visual feast for the eyes! Once the dazzling artistic metaphors of their strikes are removed, these young adults with swords are facing off against near-immortal beasts in a world where death is almost guaranteed.

Best Art Supplies for Drawing and Painting

Onto The Ideas!

Feel Free To Mix And Match Ideas And Create The Art That Inspires You

Any art medium you work with, with enough practice, will produce amazing results. Stick to a style that brings you joy and you will see the benefits of practicing art. Some artists will take days to master a form of art and others years, take it at your own pace and have fun!

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Best Art Supplies for Drawing and Painting

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Best Art Supplies for Drawing and Painting
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Best Art Supplies for Drawing and Painting

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