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anime girl full body poses and references for art

15 Anime Girl Full Body Pose Drawing Ideas

You’re sitting in your room and you’re probably thinking about what cool art ideas or drawing ideas you should try right now. Then you turn on your tv and your favourite anime series shows up. Light bulb! Time to let out some anime drawing ideas right now. 

     Being an artist and anime fan at the same time could be a fun mash-up. You get to draw what you love and it won’t get boring. Right now, you might be thinking, - Which anime character should I be drawing? Well, before any of that, how about some anime drawing ideas for you to check out? I’ll also be showing you some full-body poses of anime girls that will surely inspire you.

anime aesthetic eyes for reference and drawing 90s style art

90's Anime Eyes To Give You Drawing Inspiration

As an artist myself, many of us may have been finding it hard to find a specific eye style for our art, because different styles in eyes can also change the whole look of your character which can be a bit frustrating if you still haven’t found one. If some of you may not know, seeing different styles of eye drawings can help you draw from weird angles or even give you inspiration on how you can draw a specific style in your art style.

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15 Anime Fighting Poses For Reference

The great thing about arts and crafts is that you’re free to innovate or invent yourself. There are no rules as to which genre you should and shouldn’t draw or paint about. Just like if you’re an avid fan of anime and you’re sparky to recreate or draw the fighting scenes on the anime you watched, you’re free to just do so.

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All of these arts and crafts ideas can be performed by all adults and children equally. While some ideas may seem too challenging, it is what challenges us that makes us better artists. Your art may look different from these examples, but remember that all art that you make is good and will help you along your artistic path.

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Image by Kseniya Lapteva

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