Teach your kids with art

How to Teach Your Children with Arts and Crafts

How Do I Get My Child Into Art?

Teaching them early and making a habit can lead kids to better and more involved in art.

Parents who have been exposed to arts and crafts when they were younger tend to want their children to experience the same fun they had back when they were young. It’s easy to show your children how you do arts and crafts, but how do you properly teach them without pressuring them?


Before we talk about that, let’s discuss the benefits of your children learning arts and crafts. It has been said by Katharine Rogers from ABC (2018) that arts and crafts can enhance mental health and wellbeing of a child. She added that kids’ will be able to know how things work and like how colors fit each other which also benefits their critical thinking skill and it also enhances the creativity of the kids by learning to experiment and have fun.

Now that you know the benefits of kids learning arts and crafts, how do you teach arts and crafts to them without pressuring them?


  1. Show how fun it is to play with colors and shapes

  2. Make sure that you always have art supplies at home

  3. Craft and draw their favorites

  4. Invite their friends over to experiment and have fun with the art supplies you have at home


The first thing you need to do is to show them how fun it is to play with colors and shapes, but of course, guidance is needed especially when sharp things like scissors and cutters will be used. The second thing you need to do once they’re aware of the fun of arts and crafts is to buy art supplies, of course you won’t be able to craft if you don’t have any art supplies with you at home. So make sure that you always have stocks available at home.


Another way to teach your children is to start crafting and drawing their favorites. An example of that is when I made a dinosaur out of paper which my cousin really loved and he ended up asking me how I did it, so I taught him and every now and then he has been asking me to do origami with him. That’s an easy way of getting them involved with arts and crafts. 


The last thing I would suggest on how you can teach your children with arts and crafts is to ask them to invite their friends over and experiment with the art supplies you have at home, they will still be needing your guidance for that. Always remember that in teaching your children to do arts and crafts, your guidance is always needed and of course a comfortable place where they can lay on their stomach while drawing. Adding a mellow music or the music that they would like might also encourage them to do more.

Teach your kids with art

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Teach your kids with art
Teach your kids with art
Teach your kids with art
Image by Kseniya Lapteva
Teach your kids with art

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Teach your kids with art

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